Air Source Solutions


What is Air Source Heat Pump?

Heat pump technology is actually based on a very simple, well-known principle. It works in a similar way to any domestic refrigerator, using a vapour compression cycle. The main components in the heat pump are the compressor, the expansion valve and two heat exchangers (an evaporator and a condenser). A fan draws the outdoor air into the heat pump where it meets the evaporator. This is connected in a closed system containing a refrigerant that can turn into gas at very low temperatures. When the outdoor air hits the evaporator the refrigerant will turn into gas. Then, using a compressor, the gas reaches a high enough temperature to be transferred in the condensor to the house’s heating system. At the same time the refrigerant reverts to liquid form, ready to turn into gas once more and to collect new heat. Using an inverter-driven heat pump compressor, the system can be regulated so that heat output matches the exact capacity required at any given time. This means the heat pump will only consume the exact energy needed, making it highly efficient. In the summer, the refrigeration circuit is capable of operating in reverse to provide cooling on demand.

That provides an advanced low-emission and renewable source of energy to provide households and commercial buildings with heating, cooling, and hot water. As a result, geothermal technology can reduce heating and cooling operating costs by as much as70%..

Air/Water Heat Pumps

With an air/water heat pump, you can reduce heating costs by up to 70%, depending on where you live, the living area, the choice of heat pump and whether you use a cooling function or not. Here we are using outdoor air, one of nature's free and renewable energy sources with minimal CO2 emissions. The unusually high level of -efficiency means that an investment in an air/water heat pump pays for itself quickly and gives you a secure supply of heat and hot water, adapted to our climate.


Air/water heat pumps utilise the heat energy of the outside air.

  • Air/Water Heating Mode
  • Air/Water Cooling Mode

Air/Air Heat Pumps

Air/Air heat pump is a complete modern heat pump system that offers efficient technical energy saving and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. The integrated control system in the indoor module gives safe and economical climate control. The heat is retrieved from the outdoor air through an outdoor module, where the refrigerant, which circulates in a closed system, transfers the heat from the heat source (outdoor air) to the indoor module.

Optimal annual coefficient of performance thanks to the inverter controlled compressor.

  • Air to Air System
  • Air/Air Cooling Mode
  • Air/Air Heating Mode

How You Benefit

geothermal technology can reduce heating and cooling operating costs by as much as70%, plus features below:

Lower Operating Costs

Economical Water Heating

Comfortable & Attractive

Long Lifetime & Flexibility

Safe and Clean

Environmental Friendly